Set Cookie on Cross Domains

If you want to set cookie on your domain, you can do this by few lines of codes just using JS. But the problem arises when you want to set cross domain cookie(s). Problem: Say, you have three domains. Now when someone enters… »

Get Different Sizes of SlideShare thumbnails

Recently we were working on a feature we can show a slideshare gallery, we faced a little problem while we were trying to get thumbnails for slides. We used Slideshare oEmbed API to get slide info and thumbnails. The API response was giving a small thumbnail which is 170x128 px… »

Get Android Version using JS

Sometimes as a web application developer many of us need to apply some features or fixings based on Android OS version. I use simple JS code which very simple and handy when I need to detect Android OS version. function whichAndroidV() { var userAgent = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); var check = userAgent.match… »

Delete Memcached keys efficiently in PHP

When you build a Web Application it's required to implement Cache in any moment. Memcached is one of the best caching system to reduce database load. Recently, while working on an applocation, we faced some difficulties to remove caches on demand. Problem Normally on PHP to delete a cache we… »