JS number conversion to Bangla

Recently while working on a Bangla language based project, I had to make a tiny plugin which can convert regular numbers to Bangla numbers. I hope it will help saving people's time.

Let's see the codes in action,

toBangla function

function toBangla (str)
    //check if the `str` is not string
        //if not string make it string forcefully
        str = String(str);

    //start try catch block
    try {
        //keep the bangla numbers to an array
        var convert = ['০','১','২','৩','৪','৫','৬','৭','৮','৯'];
        //now split the provided string into array by each character
        var splitArray = str.split("");
        //declare a empty string
        var newString = "";
        //run a loop upto the length of the string array
        for (i = 0; i < splitArray.length; i++) { 

            //check if current array element if not number
            if(isNaN(splitArray [i])){
                //if not number then place it as it is
                newString += splitArray [i];
                //if number then get same numbered element from the bangla array
                newString += convert[splitArray [i]];
        //return the newly converted number
        return newString;
    catch(err) {
        //if any error occured while convertion return the original string
        return str;
    //by default return original number/string
    return str;

Here is the Gist link.

How this works

Fisrt the load the code above into the javascript. Then convert numbers like this,

//input in console

Here is the screenshot of the usage in browser console,

toBangla screenshot from ainixon.me

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