How to remove changes from Git

We work everyday on git. Sometimes we make some accidental move like commit unwanted codes, merge wrong branch with the master, delete a commit accidentally and so more.
Recently I have faced similar kind of problems. For finding the solutions I have to check all the cheatsheets. Let's look at some of the issue and it's solutions

Remove uncommited changes:

If you make changes or you get a conflict in multiple files and you want to remove those changes then you should use

git reset --hard

Careful: It will delete your working directory changes.

Remove an unsynced commit:

  • If you adds a commit, you want to remove it before syncing it...

    git reset --hard HEAD~1

    It will remove the last commit in other words it will remove the last commit from the head.

  • Now if you want to remove n numbers of commit then....

    git reset --hard HEAD~n

    By running this command you will remove the n of commits from the head.

  • If you want to remove a specific commit not from the head then you have to run a this command and find the id for that commit

    git log

    Using that id if you run this command

    git reset --hard sha1-commit-id

    This command will remove the specific commit(of the id) from current branch

Undo delete action of a commit:

If you delete a commit accidentaly then to restore that commit you can use

git reflog

Remove last synced commit:

To remove last synced commit you can use two methods,

  • Reverintg the last commit. For this you need to run..

    git revert

  • Force push to remove the last commit.

    git push origin HEAD --force

    But, if others have pulled it, it would be better for you to start a new branch. Because when they pull that, it will just merge it into their branches, and you will get it pushed back again.

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